Cannabis Concentrates and Flower

The Difference Between Concentrates & Flower

Cannabis Concentrates or Flower…is there a difference? That is the question.

Before we jump into the difference between concentrates VS flower…we should ask ourselves, what are concentrates and flower? Once you know what they are, you can see their benefits and make a solid decision.


Concentrate is an umbrella term that refers to a variety of names and their cannabis extracts. Cannabis extracts are highly concentrated ultra-potent cannabinoid isolates. They are made when the flower itself is compressed at high pressures and then isolated from the plant. Shatter, wax, crumble, sugar, honeycomb, sap, and oil refer to the texture of the concentrate.
Most concentrates are extracted using CO2, hydrocarbons, water, heat, and alcohol. Using water (hash) or heat (resin) solventless extracts is a wonderful choice for those wary or new to consume concentrates.
Anything produced from the extracts of the cannabis plant can fall under this category. Although oils and waxes are more commonly recognized than hashes and tinctures, they are still almost new on the market. In the end, it all depends on your selected method of taking in your cannabis. Cannabis infusions have been rising in popularity amongst cannabis consumers for some time. Although extracts and flower provide similar effects, specific vital differences set them apart.
Making the switch to concentrates can be the right decision for you if you are looking to make a change in how you use your cannabis. Concentrates are available in various products, so you can choose one that best suits your lifestyle and provides you the desired results in the most effective manner.
While most people are aware of oils and waxes, which are concentrated forms of cannabis, there are other options as well, and the numbers are constantly changing as new products are developed. Today, you may also find concentrated cannabis in the form of tinctures and hashes.


Now the flower is the start, and it is the material that helps create the cannabis concentrates. Once a female cannabis plant matures during the marijuana flowering cycle, it produces small buds with the highest concentration, more than the leaves and stems. So, it becomes a flower bud. Buds can be consumed alone, through a joint or a pipe. Flower can provide their own pros and cons. Veteran smokers use flowers and can roll them easily.

What is the difference?

As mentioned before, concentrates are numerous strains and have various uses, but most importantly, they are broken down and concentrated. So, because of this, users only consume a “dab” or a tiny portion.
The most significant difference between flower and concentrates is the potency. While most buds have about 10-25% THC content, concentrates can have 50-90% THC. Most dispensaries can tell you their exact percentage and help you control your personal intake with them.

If you are a beginner, make sure you stick to a less potent variety and are home when you use it. Both the flower and the concentrates have qualities that make them the best option for some medical marijuana patients. Higher potency is typically used by long-term patients that have been taking cannabis medically for quite a while and can manage the higher THC content that concentrates have. Over time, your body can become resistant to products, making it hard to get the desired results, which is why they move to something with higher potency. This only makes sense after long-term use.

Concentrates offer a fast onset of effects, usually appearing within 5 minutes because of the activated compounds. Concentrates also remove the harsh tasting plant matter.

However, flower does have concentrates beat on flavor. As a classic, the flower does take this advantage over extracts. The extraction and purge process usually destroys the flavor creating terpenes. If smoking is your selected method of administering cannabis, the flower may still be your go-to product because it is easier to smoke.

Concentrates, as noted previously, can be consumed in diverse ways. Dabbing, which is on the rise with regular cannabis users, is an effortless way to get a potent dose of cannabinoids.

The effects of ingestible oils, aka edibles, tend to take longer to kick in and last longer due to how they are metabolized. They can be high in THC, CBD, or both and are more smoke-free. This option is perfect for patients treating medical symptoms and conditions.

A faster-acting edible and ingestible oil are called tinctures, which are sublingual concentrates. These are drops you apply under the tongue and enter the bloodstream.

Methods that can be used with flower are hash and oils. Motivated enthusiasts can even roll their bud-packed joints with hash and oils.

Another difference between concentrates and flower is that consuming extracts can be more discreet than smoking. Extracts are refined to remove inert plant material and create a smoother and cleaner inhale when it is vaporized. Hash, cannabis, and oils are great for vaporizing, dabbing, and smoking, but concentrates in shatter or wax form are primarily used for dabbing. Tinctures and capsules are ingested orally and offer another discreet option.

If you want to enter a whole new world of cannabis consumption, do your research, take small dabs, or talk to your dispensary budtender and see how your individual needs and desired effects can be determined with either a bud or a concentrate. Concentrates can produce better pain relief, while the flower can give you a more enhanced overall experience.

The main differences between flower and concentrates are just personal in nature. Preferences and what you want and expect all rely on what you need. Both products can be pain relievers, and both offer a specific desired effect of a high, whether fast or slow acting. The best thing to do is to do your research, reach out to a dispensary, talk to a budtender, and keep an open mind. Once you decide, your budtender can lead you to your preferred preferences. Cannabis infusions have been rising in popularity among cannabis consumers for some time. Although extracts and flower provide similar effects, specific vital differences set them apart. There’s bound to be The One that gives you something unique with the desired result.

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