Overcoming drug addiction with marijuana.

A drug addiction is not a sign of weakness. It is a disorder that requires treatment and support to overcome. The abuse of drugs including prescription medication, can alter chemical properties in the brain. It leads to intense cravings and the repetitive use of the drug. An incessant need to use can compromise the ability to stop on your own. The road to recovery is a journey. It is filled with challenges and possible failures along the way, but it is ongoing until you reach your destination. It is up to you to recognize that you have a problem and to start taking the steps you need to overcome a drug addiction.

What is a drug addiction?

A drug addiction is commonly referred to as a substance abuse or dependence disorder. It impacts both physical and psychological states of being including an inability to control the use of an illegal or prescription drug.

Over time, the regular use of the drug becomes insufficient as you develop a drug tolerance. Higher doses of the drug are used in a bid to achieve the same effect or “high”. Attempts to stop using the drug can lead to intense withdrawals, physical illness and psychological disturbances.

The symptons of a drug addiction

  • An obsessive need to use the drug daily or multiple times a day.
  • Urges and the use of larger doses of the drug.
  • Spending on the drug despite it being unaffordable.
  • A need to have a constant supply of the drug.
  • The continuous use of the drug despite it causing problems in your general well-being, personal and professional life.
  • Performing habits and activities such as stealing out of character.
  • Engaging in high-risk behaviors while using the drug.
  • An inability to stop taking the drug.
  • The experience of withdrawal attempting to quit the drug.