Get Your Medical Marijuana Card or Renewal 100% Online Today.

Easily apply for your Missouri Medical Marijuana card online by completing these steps:

Step one

Register or log in to begin

Click the button below to upload your ID photo and fill in your personal information.

Complete the survey

Complete the physician-designed medical survey to tell the doctor a bit about your condition before your phone or video consultation.

SELECT "MISSOURI state medical marijuana consultation"

Select the product labeled "Missouri State Medical Marijuana Consultation".

Please note: if you are wanting to apply for an up to 8-ounce consultation, please select the product that is labeled "up to 8 ounces". During your consultation, your doctor will determine the appropriate amount to prescribe based on your condition and how you consume medical cannabis. All patients seeking an increased allotment will be required to have two separate phone consultations.

If the physician determines that you qualify for medical marijuana, your electronic certification will be uploaded for you within two (2) business days of your approval.

You will receive three emails throughout the process, one to indicate your application has been received, one indicating your approval or denial, and a final third email when your certification is complete.

If you have any questions or need support, please contact MMJ Recs:


Phone: (844) 466-5732

Now that you've schedule your consultation, follow these steps to submit your application to MO DHSS

Step two

Register with the state of Missouri

Once your virtual doctor appointment has been scheduled, you need to register with the state of Missouri using the DHSS portal. You are required to submit your certification and all other required information.

• Use your full legal name as it appears on your state-issued ID.

• Use an active email to receive notices from the state and for your future renewals.

Once registered, keep an eye on your email as you will receive an email verification of your new portal and login information.

Step three

Create a New Patient application

Once your MyComplia account has been created with the state of Missouri, select the New Patient Application to fill out with your personal information and required information.

Once you reach the Physician/Condition section, please click SAVE and NEXT. Your information will be saved.

Step four

Submit your certification to Missouri

After your virtual certification approval, log in to your MyComplia portal to upload your certification and all other personal information to the New Patient Application that you started in Step 3.

Please Note: You will need the following items to complete your application: a valid state-issued ID, a headshot with a plain background, and proof of residence if your state ID is not a Missouri-issued license.

Once you have paid the $25 state fee at the end of the submission process, the state of Missouri has up to 30 days to approve your certification.

Step five

Download your Medical Marijuana card

Once the state of Missouri has accepted your certification, you will be notified through your provided email in the previous steps. To download your new certification, log in to the MyComplia Portal dashboard and on the right-hand side of the screen click on the "Actions" tab, and scroll to "Download License". This will download to your device and can be used at any MO dispensary along with a valid state-issued ID to enter the facility.

If your certification was denied, DHSS will send a notification email of a reason why they denied your application. To fix these issues, simply log in to your MyComplia Portal and make the appropriate adjustments to resubmit your application for review.