Learn about the benefits of marijuana.

Cannabis is derived from the Marijuana plant in which specific chemicals have shown potent medical benefits. Patients managing chronic illness from epilepsy and cancer to PTSD, prevalent in our national veterans, have shown vast improvements from the regular use of Cannabis. With the legalization of medical marijuana dispensaries in the state of Missouri, more patients including children, who are diagnosed with conditions such as mood disorders, PTSD, epilepsy and cancer, now have access to the powerful natural support only cannabis can provide.

The benefits of cannabis

THC and CBD derived products have shown favorable and beneficial results for patients who are managing chronic ailments and critical illness and cannot find relief through conventional means. Cannabis assists with psychological and mood imbalances but has also shown profound improvements in patients, including young children who are suffering from severe epilepsy.

Medical marijuana and Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that includes sensory disruptions, convulsions, and loss of a conscious state during an episode. It is associated with electrical disturbances and imbalances in the brain. Studies have revealed how the use of a plant derived cannabinoid drug significantly improved the function of epileptic patients as young as 2 years old. The cannabinoids in hemp influence cells in the brain and the body. It can alleviate the severity and the frequency of seizures in patients managing epilepsy. The use of cannabis derived products and epilepsy in both adults and children must be monitored by a licensed medical practitioner.

Medical marijuana and PTSD, anxiety and depression

PTSD, anxiety and depression are major psychological disorders with profound effects on a healthy mind and living a balanced lifestyle. Many people affected by conditions of anxiety such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) use medical marijuana to cope and find alternative symptom relief. Cannabis products are commonly used by combat and military veterans to alleviate feelings of chronic anxiety, restlessness, insomnia and irritability owing to traumatic encounters. Medical marijuana in its various forms can help ease the tension and the anxiety associated with PTSD. A low dose THC and non-psychoactive CBD are combined to help people find effective relief from symptoms of PTSD.

The use of medical marijuana and PTSD in Veterans

Although numerous VA facilities prohibit the use of marijuana as an option for medical treatment, with the legalization of medical marijuana in multiple states, a relook at the former federal and Schedule 1 substance, means more veterans may now have access to the natural healing and relief cannabis can provide.

Veterans who have actively served and experienced the trauma of war suffer from ongoing psychological disruptions including high anxiety, PTSD and depression. With accessibility to medical marijuana, more veterans who have sacrificed much of their lives for their country, can afford the natural plant derived products, shown to alleviate inhibiting symptoms.

Medical marijuana & cancer

A diagnosis of cancer is certainly a frightening and overwhelming experience for most. Cancer symptoms and harsh treatment in both adults and children can prove debilitating. The introduction of medical marijuana aims to provide relief from the adverse effects that negatively impact quality of life. The cannabinoids in marijuana link to receptors in the brain. It helps patients find natural relief from pain, nausea, discomfort and the symptoms of cancer and its harsh treatments.
Studies have shown that many cancer patients have found relief from pain, weakness, and numb sensations associated with cancer, when using cannabis. Neuropathy caused by chemotherapy has revealed improvements in function in those using cannabis during cancer treatment. Most have expressed improvements in their life outlook and pain management relying on cannabis-derived products for cancer symptoms.

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The power of cannabis

There is no denying the potency and the incredible natural potential of cannabis in the management of various disorders and critical illnesses. Discovering how it can help you can assist in making informed decisions to improve your overall quality of life.