Bubba Fett Cannabis Strain Unleashing Intergalactic Bliss with Every Hit!

Encyloweedia Bricannabis Bubba Fett

Encyloweedia Bricannabis is Bubba-back with some intel on the differences between smoking cannabis flower and concentrate. I decided to go with a local favorite, Bubba Fett by Flora Farms, an indica dominant hybrid strain named after my favorite bounty hunter and a cross of Bubba Kush x Stardawg. Bubba Fett has remained a top seller in Missouri due to its potency and the relaxation the strain provides. Every time I’ve had it I end up in-da-couch, which explains why it took me all week to write this weedview! I really wanted to dive into this strain and smoked an eighth of flower and a gram of live badder over my review days. Somehow, I still managed to get some housework done, bub-but nowhere near the amount I wanted.


Bubba Fett was one of the first strains available in my nearest dispensary, and never sits on the shelf for long. One of the big differences between smoking flower and concentrate is the pot-ency. The bud I blazed was coming in at just over 24% THC, but the badder was boasting over 72% of my favorite cannabinoid. This meant I could accomplish in a single dab what would normally take me an entire joint, and I put this theory to the test with ablazing results! I found the body relaxation to be similar whether I was smoking or dabbing, but there were other differences in effect between the live badder and flower other than potency.

Flora Farms | Bubba Fett | Tier 1


While both forms of Bubba Fett left my body relaxed, the flower seemed to carry a haze with it that the badder did not. Surprisingly, I was able to get more done after a dab than a joint, and I wondered what the cause of this could be. Taking a look at the terpene results on each container provided the answers. The flower carried caryophyllene, limonene, humulene, and nerolidol while the concentrate was full of pinene, linalool, and valencene. I won’t bore you by breaking them down in this post, but terpenes influence the aroma, flavor, and effect of a strain. Check out some of the other Encycloweedia Bricannabis reviews for information on other strains and terpenes! Even though I smoked a joint each morning with my coffee, I found the smoke more relaxing than the dabs. There was a haziness that accompanied the flower that seemed to put my brain into more of a foggy state than the badder did. I expected to be sleepier from so much Bubba Fett than I ended up, but still found myself craving snacks and hot wings like the first time I smoked it almost four years ago. I also found myself lying on the couch or Flora with my dog for a good chunk of time after a puff of this stuff, and had to fight off a few naps to remain productive. I enjoy strains like this for better sleep or relaxing at the end of the day, but Bubba Fett is also great for people wanting to experience pain weedlief or an increase in appetite.

Clovr | Disposable Live Vape | Bubba Fett

There are many weedsons one might select a strain in flower or concentrate other than potency. Some prefer concentrates so they are inhaling less smoke overall, while others enjoy the buds picked straight from the stem. Personally, I mostly smoke flower but break the dab rig out one to three days of the week. Smoking concentrate boosts the body’s THC tolerance and I like to maintain a level low enough to appreciate flower, but also love ripping fat dabs. Dabbing produces less ash than smoking, but requires clean up of its own so the real differences to note are in the way it smokes. Flower tends to have a stronger scent and flavor profile due to the plant remaining in its natural state, but also means inhaling combusted plant matter. Concentrate tends to smoke cleaner and more discreetly, but tends not to be as robust in aroma or flavor.

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Encyloweedia Bricannabis Bubba Fett

Encyloweedia Bricannabis is Bubba-back with some intel on the differences between smoking cannabis flower and concentrate. I decided to go with a local favorite, Bubba Fett by Flora Farms, an indica dominant hybrid strain named after my favorite bounty hunter and a cross of Bubba Kush x Stardawg. Bubba Fett has remained a top seller…

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