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Dispensary In springfield Mo is your trusted Medical Cannabis Dispensary By Old Route 66 Wellness .We believe in dispensing pure medical marijuana products that are available to patients who wish to experience the natural relief and healing benefits only cannabis can provide. This powerful medicinal plant has shown proven results for adults, veterans and children managing serious conditions. From epilepsy and multiple sclerosis to cancer and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the informed use of quality cannabis can lead to a better quality of life. We hope to help you find exceptional and affordable medical marijuana.

Old Route 66 Wellness–Dispensary In springfield Mo–Making Medical Marijuana Affordable and Accessible for Veterans and Children Managing Critical Illness

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Old Route 66 Wellness-Dispensary In springfield Mo introduces its latest range of pure hemp oil for the vaping enthusiast. Derived from the highest quality cannabis buds, our cannabis range is safe and 100% naturally based. In a simple to use applicator we provide an exceptional line of cannabinoid products produced from pure strain Sativa and Indica.

The Benefits of Our Diverse Product Range

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The Potent & Natural Health Benefits of Cannabis

Cannabis for medicinal purposes has long been incorporated for its incredible healing benefits. Old Route 66 Wellness-Dispensary In Springfield Mo makes alternative healthcare economical. Our goal is to provide the most strains and highest quality cannabis in the Springfield, MO area.

Our goal is to make high quality cannabis products available to our veterans managing conditions from PTSD to physical limitations.

As more clinical practitioners and professional recognize the multitude of healthcare benefits cannabis can provide, Cannabis is readily becoming recommended as a complementary medicine for both acute and chronic disorders.

Cannabis Can Provide Relief From:



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