1) Best Place to take Legal advice on Cannabis and Medical Marijuana?

—> All legal questions should be directed towards an attorney or brought up with DHSS. They are in charge of the medical cannabis program. www.dhss.mo.gov. We cannot give legal advice.

2) Will you be selling clones or doing delivery?

—> We will not be selling clones nor doing delivery this year. We hope to roll that out early next year when product availability is better. We will list all strains on our site when we are clear on those too.

3) Do you need Medical Card to go inside the store and look around?

—> You can be in the retail side but cannot go into the dispensary without a card unless you are a caregiver.

4) What are the dose limitations?

—> You will need a Doctor to write a recommendation if you need more than 4 ounces per month.

5) Who Owns the Company and how tracking of products is done?

—> Ownership is 100% local and no dispensaries can buy from out of state. We can only buy from MO owned commercial growers. This process is tracked from seed to sale by software called METRC. It is not possible to buy from out of state legally and anyone doing it will be caught.

6)  Do have any recommendation where to acquire a medical card?

—> You can purchase Marijuana Medical Card by visiting the link: https://oldroute66.nuggmd.com/

7) Do Certification have to be approved by state before you can buy at dispensaries?

—> Once you have your Missouri medical marijuana patient card, you will be able to purchase from any dispensary.

8) Can the Medical Marijuana Card holder allowed to carry the firearm?

—> It is an ongoing debate, it would be best to speak with a cannabis attorney on the issue.

9) Will I need a Medical Card to Purchase products?

—> To purchase Cannabis, you need a medical card and to purchase CBD, you do not require a Medical card.

10) Is my Medical license from other states are good to purchase in Missouri?

—> Missouri legislation does not allow this yet. You need to have Missouri medical Card to purchase in Springfield.

11) How to become a VIP member?

—> You can register as a VIP by clicking on the below link:


Your text to join phone number and join code is attached.

Text to join phone number: (417) 582-7238

Join Code: JOIN OR66

Once you text “JOIN OR66” to the number above, you will get alerts about new strains, discounts, and updates!

12) Can I order products online?

—> You can order your products online by visiting our menu, once we fulfill your order, you will receive a text message, and you can pay at the time of pick up from our store.

13) Can you give me an idea of the prices?

—> Please visit our website menu for the most up-to-date information on prices and available products. In addition, there is a separate menu for each location so make sure you get the information you need for the dispensary you will be visiting. Thank you!

14) How can I contact the hiring manager?

—> As of right now, we are accepting resumes sent to our email at info@ouldroute66wellness.com. I know our applicants are eager to hear back about a job opportunity, but this is the best way to keep up as busy as the dispensary is.

15) Can a caregiver pick up medicines on behalf of a patient?

—> First and most importantly, the caregiver must be a licensed caregiver with the state. Second, they must hold a card with a “CAR” number. In addition, we need the patient to accompany the caregiver on the first visit to get the patient into our system.

If the patient cannot do so, the caregiver must have the patient’s medical ID (the PAT#) and driver’s license or ID card and may be asked to fill out paperwork about that patient.

Once we can verify that the patient is valid in the system and create that profile, the caregiver can then shop for their patient, as long as they have not already reached their 30-day limit.

16) Where can I use/consume the medical marijuana I purchased?

—> Patients are prohibited from consuming medical marijuana at the dispensary or any public place, and it is recommended that you use your products in your home for the best experience.

17) How are the Missouri Marijuana Equivalency Units (MMEs) calculated?

—> A typical purchase quantity of marijuana is 3.5 grams of dried, unprocessed marijuana, which is equal to one MME. Therefore, one MME is equivalent to one gram of marijuana concentrate or 100 mg of THC infused product.  See the following for additional information on the use of MMEs.

Source: https://health.mo.gov/safety/medical-marijuana/pdf/205.pdf

18) How can I use my rewards points?

—> You can always log in to your VIP account to see the rewards you have available. Once you have enough points for a reward, you will then redeem your points at the dispensary for the eligible reward.

19) Do you offer any Discounts?

—> Yes! We offer discounts to Senior Citizens, Veterans, and low-income individuals.

  • Senior Citizens receive a 10% discount. This is for individuals that are 65 years of age or older.
  • Veterans receive a 15% discount. We do ask for ID to show you are a Veteran.
  • Low-Income individuals receive a 10% discount. This designation comes from the state, and you must have the “low income” status on your medical card.
  • Low-Income Veterans receive a 20% discount. The low-income designation comes from the state, and you must have the “low income” status on your medical card.

20) Can I get my senior citizen, veteran, or low-income discount while placing an order online?

—> All discounts are applied at the dispensary when you pick up your order. Unfortunately, we cannot apply any discounts on orders done online, so it has to be done manually at the dispensary.

21) Do you accept prepaid cards?

—> We apologize, but we cannot accept any type of prepaid cards at the dispensary. However, we currently accept Cash and Debit Cards as payment.

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