1) Best Place to take Legal advice on Cannabis and Medical Marijuana?

—> All legal questions should be directed towards an attorney or brought up with DHSS. They are in charge of the medical cannabis program. www.dhss.mo.gov. We cannot give legal advice.

2) Will you be selling clones or doing delivery?

—> We will not be selling clones nor doing delivery this year. We hope to roll that out early next year when product availability is better. We will list all strains on our site when we are clear on those too.

3) Do you need Medical Card to go inside the store and look around?

—> You can be in the retail side but cannot go into the dispensary without a card unless you are a caregiver.

4) What are the dose limitations?

—> You will need a Doctor to write a recommendation if you need more than 4 ounces per month.

5) Who Owns the Company and how tracking of products is done?

—> Ownership is 100% local and no dispensaries can buy from out of state. We can only buy from MO owned commercial growers. This process is tracked from seed to sale by software called METRC. It is not possible to buy from out of state legally and anyone doing it will be caught.

6)  Do have any recommendation where to acquire a medical card?

—> You can purchase Marijuana Medical Card by visiting the link: https://oldroute66.nuggmd.com/

7) Do Certification have to be approved by state before you can buy at dispensaries?

—> Once you have your Missouri medical marijuana patient card, you will be able to purchase from any dispensary.

8) Can the Medical Marijuana Card holder allowed to carry the firearm?

—> It is an ongoing debate, it would be best to speak with a cannabis attorney on the issue.

9) Will I need a Medical Card to Purchase products?

—> To purchase Cannabis, you need a medical card and to purchase CBD, you do not require a Medical card.

10) Is my Medical license from other states are good to purchase in Missouri?

—> Missouri legislation does not allow this yet. You need to have Missouri medical Card to purchase in Springfield.