Flora Farms Lemon OG Cookie Haze

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Encycloweedia Bricannabis believes that when life hands you lemons you roll them up to smoke! The Flora-cast predicted heavy fog rolling through this week, and I can attest there’s been a lingering haze about. That’s because I’ve spent the last couple of days with Lemon OG Cookie Haze, a unique cannabis cultivar from Flora Farms. Lemon OG Cookie Haze is the result of crossing Lemon OG, GSC, and Nevil’s Haze, resulting in a balanced hybrid that provided me an initial boost of energy followed by focus and relaxation. The dominant terpenes in this strain make for a smoke that’s great any time of day, and didn’t leave me lying on the Flora. While I let you know about this a-hazing breed of cannabis, I’m going to attempt to fit the cultivator’s name into Flora five jokes before the end.

As I got nose on the Lemon OG Cookie Haze, I was greeted with a sweet citrus and herb scent as I dove into the bag. I was delighted to TH-see dense buds coated in glistening trichomes with fiery hair waving at me from beds of bright green and dark purple flower. Tearing into one of the violet buds released an earthy smell with a hint of spice, and left my fingers slightly sticky. The flower’s flavor was earthy with sweet undertones and smoked smoothly. I could feel an initial rush of energy as well as an almost headband sensation settling in my Flora-head and behind my eyes. At first, my thoughts seemed to jump around as a creative rush of energy seemed to give me several ideas at once. Within a few minutes my thoughts became Flora focused and I was able to manifest my creative energy into productivity. As I went about my workday my body felt relaxed, but my mind stayed alert and ready to punleash terrible quips at anyone who would listen.

The terpenes that tested most dominant in the latest batch Lemon OG Cookie Haze were limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene. Terpinolene has also been seen in higher concentrations with this strain. Limonene, caryophyllene, and terpinolene are all more energetic terpenes, explaining the initial rush of creative energy I felt. Myrcene, the most common and likely to be dominant terpene in any strain of marijuana, was responsible for the relaxation that followed. Years ago, beFlora I knew any of the science behind it, I’d ponder why certain strains worked better for me than others. I knew indica could leave me indicouch and sativa would keep me going, but that was it. The more I weed about the way cannabis interacts with the body, the more I marvel at marijuana. Flora Farms’ Lemon OG Cookie Haze has been reported by others to help with pain relief, uplift moods, and boost creativity.

Joking and Toking:
Did you hear about the guy that won an award for his outdoor grow?
He was out standing in his field!