missouri medical marijuanas dispensary

We have recently started the cannabis online delivery program at selected locations of Springfield and Ozark, along with a working plan to very soon initiate medical marijuana delivery to Aurora, Bolivar, Marshfield, Rogersville, Strafford, and Willard, which includes an entire expansion of coverage of the Ozark and Springfield area.

We put all efforts to make the consumption of medical cannabis as convenient as possible to all the Missouri medical cardholders so that they can relax and consume their medicine easily without visiting the store or medical dispensary.

The Medical Marijuana delivery program of Old Route 66 Wellness is entirely safe, discreet, and secure for medical patients.

All Patients can quickly locate their desired medicine by visiting our online menu at:

Browse the hottest and most demanding medical marijuana products such as products from our friends at  Flora Farms, Illicit, Proper Cannabis, Sinse Cannabis, Good Day Farm, Clovr, HoneyBee, Keef, Robhots, Mountain High Suckers, Wana, Vivid, Vertical, Sweetstone, Bison, Zen Cannabis, etc. We carry flower, pre-rolls, vaporizers, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, and accessories.

All of our medical marijuana products are high quality and lab tested.