Zen Indica Shot

Zen Indica Shot

We’re doing something a little different this week and looking at something I tried that isn’t smokable! Don’t worry though it is still berry full of THC! If you’re like me you probably wish you could find a little more time to squeeze into the day, or rather night, for shut eye.  Sleep is something I grow more fond of every year. I remember as a kid grumbling anytime it was naptime, and thinking adults were liars for saying one day I’d love naps. That day has long been upon me as I realized long ago how fantastic naps truly are. But what happens if there isn’t time in the day for a nap? The best we can hope for is a full night’s sleep without any tossing and turning. My body naturally wakes up between 5-7am every morning thanks to years as a barista. When I stay up late I still  find my eyes peeling open before my alarm is eZen awake. I have to try my hardest to get in as much sleep as possible before it’s time to wake up. Normally I accomplish this by pairing an indica strain with something high in CBD, but thought I’d give something new a shot. I liked their chocolate bar and had heard good things about Zen’s 50mg Indica Shot and picked one up. Despite suffering from insomnia, I avoid prescription and over the counter medications when I can. Even when I was having periods of days of no sleep I refused to try prescription level drugs to get sleep. I’ve found with the right level of cannabinoids in my system I will spend the whole night in a restful slumber.

One of the most wonderful things I hear from people is how many prescription drugs they were able to quit thanks to cannabis. Many people are able to weed themselves off medications that have negative side effects just as bad as losing sleep. The transition from opioids to only cannabis takes time as your body experiences withdrawal from the drugs, but ultimately is very rewarding. The only thing I don’t care for that I’ve run into about using THC and CBD to help me sleep is that some mornings I am still groggy for a bit after waking, but my usual French Press of coffee always wakes me up. When it comes to sleeping pills the side effects could be as mild as dry mouth to having a severe allergic reaction and possibly death! I’ve dealt with cotton mouth a time or two from smoking, but there has yet to be a recorded death from too much cannabis. I have had some allergic reactions to medications in the past, and always seek a natural remedy for what ails me before trying prescription level drugs. For some things manufactured medicine is the only way to go, but for things like insomnia nature provides a less harmful (and more fun) cure. Edibles can have longer lasting effects than smoking so ingesting could be the key to staying asleep all night for some.

I decided to save my shot for Saturday night and got it out around 9:30 with plans on being asleep by 11pm. Even though it wasn’t flower I still gave the bottle a sniff as I opened it. There was a pungent and sweet berry aroma to it. I took a small sip just to see what I was in for and was greeted with a berry flavored elixir with a consistency similar to that of a 5-hour energy shot. After a slightly larger sip I then downed the rest of the bottle and licked my lips. I hadn’t smoked any flower in over an hour and would test the power of this potion’s potency. I could feel the effects kicking in shortly after 10pm which was nice since edibles normally don’t kick in for me until forty-five minutes to an hour into the adventure. Zen has a NiteNite shot with CBD and melatonin as well as THC, but I’m one of the weird people that melatonin keeps awake so I opted for the indica to help me THSleep. The shot I took was higher in THC but contained no CBD, and so I took about 4 puffs of my CBD vape before climbing into bed around 10:30pm. I can still get a good night’s sleep without CBD, but prefer the rest I get cannabin-ing THC with CBD. I drifted off to sleep and woke up as the room lightened with the morning sun. I felt rested and went through my day without any leftover groggy feelings. Especially for those who can’t smoke or prefer not to I recommend trying Zen’s indica or NiteNite shot, but make sure you make it to bed and don’t fall asleep indi-couch!


Joking and Toking:

The sheep I count to get to sleep are all baaah-lazed!