What is 710?

What is 710 in cannabis

You’ve heard people talking about 710 and know it’s about cannabis, but what is 710? Similar to 4/20, 710 is a celebration. However, instead of flowers, edibles, and concentrates, 710 is about the oil.

710 = OIL

Yes. Flip 710, and you have oil. Believe it or not, the first medicinal cannabis products were extracts and not flowers. While 710 goes a step further and combines oils with the benefits of smoking cannabis.

The selection of concentrates is growing fast. Once only oils, consumers now have a choice of several different highly potent products, including:

  • Wax
  • Budder
  • Shatter
  • Live Resin
  • Sauce
  • Crumble
  • Ice wax
  • Rosin

Additionally, there are a few oils, too:

  • Hash oil
  • Rick Simpson oil (THC)
  • FECO (full-spectrum extract cannabis oil)
  • Butane hash oil

The difference between the concentrates is the consistency. Each type goes through a different process to create highly potent cannabis products. As technology increases, the list is sure to grow. Additionally, these concentrates are also available for CBD and delta 8.

When is the celebration?

Every July 10, medical cannabis patients and enthusiasts break out their vape pens, dab rings, and rigs to celebrate the cannaholiday. Similar to 4/20, the history of 710 is sketchy, with no real origin story that everyone can agree to. However, just like 7/10’s technology, its history doesn’t go back as far as 420. Instead, industry experts suggest the celebrations started in early 2010 or 2011, just as the recreational and medical cannabis business was gaining steam across the country.

Benefits of choosing Cannabis Concentrates

The medicinal products are popular for their extreme potency. For medical patients, these are the best option for relieving chronic pain. Most oils and concentrates contain 90% or more THC. Additionally, the speed of relief is the main selling point. A few hits off your vape pen or dab ring, and you’ll be feeling better in minutes. While the vape oil will wear off in about an hour, concentrates like budder and wax can keep your pain away for a few hours, much longer than the traditional vape cart.

Another advantage of vaping is it’s safer than smoking. Consumers who decide to vape with a portable pen or desktop vaporizer experience the same benefits as smoking flowers, but it can do to the lungs without damage. Although many consider smoking cannabis safer than nicotine products, any smoke is harmful to the body. Vaping works as fast as smoking, but it’s much smoother, providing a better overall experience for medical cannabis patients.

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