Benefits of a Pre-Roll

The Benefits of a Pre-Roll

There are numerous benefits to a pre-rolled joint. Pre-rolled joints are a fairly new product, which provides medical cannabis smokers with a more convenient alternative. However, they have gotten a poor reputation for being inferior quality, but the truth is, they are great, depending on how they are made and what is in them. 


What is a pre-roll?

People were rolling their own joints before states started legalizing the use of medical and recreational cannabis. Dispensaries make ready-to-smoke options, aka pre-rolled options. Pre-rolls are rolling paper, components of cannabis, and a small filter. So, what is in a pre-roll? Many have fresh, ground buds, quality buds that offer an exceptional experience. Some pre-rolls contain mixtures of different strains, and those can be known as rainbow or mystery rolls. 

Other pre-rolls can be infused with concentrates, and those increase their potency and enhance your experience. Unlike bowls, bongs, and vapes, a pre-roll does not require any other equipment, and you do not need more prep – aside from a lighter, of course.

Pre-rolls are made with buds from the same (or different) strain, grinding them down and mixing them before putting them in paper cones; you can use a machine to remove pockets of air. The cannabis is tapped so it is not too loose or too tight. Twist the tip of the joint, and with that, it’s ready to be packed with others or sold as a single. 


Assessing the pre-roll

Assessing the quality of a pre-roll is essential, and it shows you exactly what it is that you have. This will help with the myth that buying pre-rolls is bad or that you are lazy because you do not roll your own joints. No matter how good the roll can be, the rolling paper does hide the contents, so here is a quick method of assessing your pre-roll.

The easiest way, smell it. If you go to your local dispensaries and if the pre-rolled is not sealed or they have singles, sniff it. If you can smell a heady aroma, you will know it’s good. 

Another method, which we recommend, is buying a single and cutting it open. Buy singles with different strains, cut them open, and see what’s inside. 

Another option is to check out the maker. If it comes from a grower, there’s a greater chance that it’s a quality product, and most growers will not risk their reputation by selling subpar pre-rolls. 


Types of pre-rolls

Pre-rolls can vary by the smoker, and it depends on your own desired effect. For instance, if you want a more relaxed vibe or a calming high, then your choice would be Indica. Pre-rolls that are made with Indica cannabis can help those with insomnia or stress. They are a great bedtime roll. 

Sativa helps those who are looking for a more energetic vibe. These pre-rolls are made with Serotonin, so it gives a boost to creativity and motivation. Sativa provides a joyful, happy high that quickly lifts a smoker’s mood, making it a favorite choice for those who have depression or other mood disorders. Another benefit, Sativa helps with pain relief and appetite, which is great for medical marijuana cardholders. 

Each strain of cannabis is unique, and this is especially true for Hybrid pre-rolls. It is a good mixture between Indica and Sativa, and Hybrid helps you with your desired outcome.


The benefits

Now that we know what a pre-roll is, how it’s made, and the available different types, let’s dive into the benefits of a pre-roll. There are many benefits to buying a pre-roll, and each benefit helps with each patient’s needs.

One of the best benefits is that it saves time. A pre-roll is a joint already rolled, ready to buy, and to start smoking. Not only does it save time, but it is also cost-effective. Purchasing a pre-roll at a dispensary means you buy it with peace of mind knowing how much and what strain of cannabis you are smoking. 

Another benefit of a pre-roll is that it is an excellent introduction to cannabis. Not a frequent user, then buying a pre-roll is a fantastic way to start. They are ready to smoke, don’t need additional setup, and gives you a high that you can manage. 

Now again, as a newbie, rolling a joint may take a while to master. Buying a pre-roll will help those who have not rolled joints before and those experienced get the ease of high-quality rolling. Rolling a joint may be a daunting task, and you may not get the desired effect you want.

Consistency is key! Patients can rest assured that a pre-rolled joint contains an exact amount of flower so that you know what and how much you are getting. Knowing which strains work best for you and how much you need to consume will also help you save time when selecting a pre-roll. 

They are portable! Pre-rolled joints are packaged to make getting them home easy. They are also small and easy to store. A bong or glass pipe is not as easy to keep in a safe place, but a pre-roll is. This also goes back to saving time! A pre-roll being portable and already rolled helps with cutting down the mess too.

One of the favorite benefits is being able to try different strains. Buying bulk marijuana at a dispensary means you are stuck with what you get. A single pre-roll can make it easier to sample new strains and see how you like them. This can also help you learn the “highness” you will get or the effect you want. Again, with samples and buying different strains, you can see its effect on you. 

One of the most significant benefits can be for medical marijuana users. Under different varieties of medical cannabis, the most accessible option is to consume a pre-rolled joint. Medical users can find rolling joints on their own difficult and can cause more issues than relief. For medical users, buying pre-rolls is a low-cost, ready-to-use option and is universally accessible for patients.  

As you can see, buying a pre-rolled joint is a fantastic option. It is important to note that all strains affect everyone differently, and the benefits for each are, well, different. Buy a sample and enjoy a pre-roll and enjoy the help it gives you.

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