Sour Indigo OG

Sour Indigo OG

This week we’re taking a slow and steady look at Sour Indigo OG, a cross between Dark Blue Dream and Sour Alien OG from Terrapin. As a fan of Blue Dream I had my eye on this strain for a while before I got my hands on some, and I was excited to Terrapin the bag and give it a try! Sour Indigo OG leans heavily toward indica but won’t immediately cause you to feel sleepy. Terrapins are known to be among the slower families of animals, and Sour Indigo OG shell slow your roll with its soothing effects. Terrapin includes humidifying boost packets in each eighth which keeps the buds fresh and the scent potent. I  appreciate that none of the cannabis I’ve smoked from them has been dry, and we all know opening a fresh bag or jar is one of my favorite parts of picking up a new strain. After I bought some, I was rare-indigo home and smoke it!

Opening the bag revealed a more subtle scent than I expected with strong earthy, and fresh herbaceous notes rather than the sour smell I expected. Lingering at the end of the scent is a slight lemon aroma that translates into the smoky flavor. The buds themselves were dense no matter their size, and would magically transform into piles of flower larger than expected once prepared for smoking. The lemon scent really exploded from the flower when broken or ground up like a tortoise afraid to come out of its shell. The shades of green varied in brightness covered with short amber whiskers and so many trichomes a light dusting remains on your fingertips after a brush against them. Sour Indigo OG’s flavor was a very smooth smoky flavor with hints of citrus sticking around at the end. While the indigo didn’t leave me indi-couch I could definitely feel her settling behind my eyelids and the body relaxation was notable throughout my day. Though the flower itself didn’t tire me out it did help me T-H-Sleep the night away!

Based on the lineage and my own observations of the strain, terpenes in highest concentration in Sour Indigo OG include myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, and limonene. The relaxation, pain relief, and sleep aiding effects tell me that myrcene, the most prominent terpene in cannabis, has turtle dominance of the strain and appears in the highest amount. After a day of smoking Sour Indigo OG I felt ready for bed about an hour earlier than usual, and ended up sleeping in torty minutes! If my review has tortoise anything it’s that Sour Indigo OG is a great strain for end of the day relaxing or soothing body aches. While I enjoyed the relaxation I was noticeably slower in my day to day tasks and my eyelids closed a bit earlier than normal so this is a strain I’ll be saving for the PM or blending with higher energy strains.

Joking and Toking:

Why shouldn’t you dive into a turtle’s pool?

The water is too shellow!