Marijuana and Seizures

Marijuana and Seizures: What You Should Know

Cannabis has been the talk of the town everywhere around the world ever since the 2018 farm bill was passed, ensuring its legalization in several states in the US. Ongoing research has been successful in proving marijuana’s potential medicinal benefits. They say the plant has miraculous properties of curing almost every medical or mental health condition that exists. It’s effectively treated insomnia, anxiety, aging skin, inflammation, epileptic seizures, chronic pain, muscle spasms, migraine, period cramps, and even some cancer-related symptoms. However, the data gathered until now is still somewhat insufficient for making big claims in an industry as sensitive as the healthcare sector.

A few more years of trials and testing will likely bring forth better conclusions. Nevertheless, the available evidence is already making people go insane over cannabis. Now, how exactly does marijuana work for medical conditions that involve seizures?

What Science Says 

Cannabis plants are packed with more than a hundred cannabinoids in each strain. The most prominent ones are CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). While THC is the one that comes with psychoactive effects, CBD precisely renders relief for medical conditions. Therefore, if you’re consuming CBD with a minute proportion of THC (or no THC at all), it is unlikely that you will experience a “high.”  

Since our body is also equipped with an endocannabinoid system (ECS), the chemical compounds in cannabis interact directly with it. The ECS controls various functions inside our body, for example, the central nervous system, immune system, several cardiovascular functions, etc. Marijuana has been used to treat seizures for centuries. The commodity may have found its true fame now, but its glory days date back to ancient times. Many types of medication were introduced in the US during 2018 after the farm bill was passed. Epidiolex is a plant-based oil that came into being around the same time and was recommended particularly for epilepsy patients.

Epidiolex was found to be beneficial for treating seizures in patients with varying conditions and syndromes such as benign tumors, tuberous sclerosis, dravet syndrome, etc. Clinical trials were conducted on a sample of 516 people. Half of them were given Epidiolex, while the other half were given placebos. The end results were surprisingly affirmative. 48% of individuals that were given Epidiolex were found with reduced seizures, while only 24% with the placebo responded with the same. It is yet unclear how exactly cannabis works to treat seizures. However, researchers have brought a few theories to the table. Marijuana might reduce inflammation in the brain cells, or it may tamper with calcium levels. Nonetheless, further research is needed to come up with a better conclusion.

Which Marijuana Strains Are Best For Treating Seizures? 

Cannabis strains come in two main variations: Sativa and Indica. Sativa strains are supposed to make you feel energized and invigorated. They also help in improving focus and boost creative thinking abilities. Indica strains, on the other hand, are the complete opposite. They promote relaxation and run you through a tunnel of tranquility. They also help you remain calm and sleep better at night. So which one of the two is supposed to help epileptic patients? Well, both of them. Here are some of the strains that are bound to help.

  • Charlotte’s Web 

Charlotte’s Web belongs to the Sativa side of the family and gained widespread public and media attention after it helped a young girl with a rare condition that involves seizures. Thus, it was named after the little girl, Charlotte. Consumers also love this strain for other reasons. Even though it’s a Sativa, it makes you feel relaxed while you’re focused and energized too. While you’re at it, the strain will also make you feel more innovative.

  • Ringo’s Gift 

Ringo’s gift is a rare hybrid strain and is popular for possessing a balanced ratio of CBD and THC. Its dominance is on the Indica side as it renders a soothing feeling of serenity over your body. It’s known for treating stressed, anxious, and insomniac individuals precisely. Newly found evidence also regards it to be helpful for seizures.

  • Sweet And Sour Widow 

Sweet and Sour Widow is an Indica dominant strain and is popular for its sweet but pungent onion-like aroma. Since the THC levels are pretty low in this one, it’s best for people who are new to cannabis or those who are avoiding getting a foggy head. This strain makes you feel happier and uplifted. It’s also excellent for relaxation as it’s Indica-dominant.

The Bottom Line 

Medical marijuana has taken over the world like an inevitable flood, and it continues to progress. Available data has proved it to be effective for seizures and countless other medical conditions. However, if you’re looking forward to consuming strains or other OTC goods to treat your health difficulties, it’s best to consult with a doctor first.

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