Love Affair

Love Affair Cannabis Strain

What happens when two of my favorite strains, GG#4 and Alien Rock Candy, have an accidental crossing? A marriage-uana made in Heaven. For this week’s Encycloweedia Bricannabis I had a rendezvous with a strain that can lay me down when smoked in higher doses, Love Affair. Love Affair is an indica dominant hybrid with a pungent aroma and flavor that provides euphoric waves of relaxation.  I’ve yet to see a Love Affair harvest yield flower with under 20% THC and the latest eighth I brought home was a real knockout with over 30% total cannabinoid content! I picked up these beautiful buds by Proper Cannabis and once again found their flower to live up to the name. While most love affairs are disliked by at least a third of us I think we’ll agree this cannabis strain is something wonderful.

Love Affair’s sultry scent packs a sweet diesel-like punch with fruity notes that linger behind. You’ll nose what’s up when you open a jar and smell some for yourself. The dense buds are dark green on the outside but break up to reveal a brighter inner bud and wispy amber pistils. The trichomes cover the flower like diamonds and you’ll want to say, “I do,” when the proposal to smoke finally comes. The robust aroma transfers heavily into taste and I found myself sniffing the jar after my first hit to compare the closeness of the two. While the gassy earth flavor and scent were pretty even I think the sweet fruitiness is more noticeable with the tongue than the snout. Many find this strain wonderful for all day smoking as it provides an uplifting focused feeling while still soothing the body. This strain isn’t one I can smoke all day though. Love Affair puts me into such a deep state of relaxation I like to save it for the evening or I find myself yawning throughout the day and moving slower. Though I must admit to tossing my cares to the wind and eloping for a morning session with Love Affair on more than one occasion. The tantalizing strain’s effects are well worth a little drowsiness and any heavy eyelids brought on after medicating I can fix with a short nap. Indica strains can actually leave me in-da-couch and I’ve talked to some smokers that find Love Affair more energetic. All you canna do is take a puff of your own and THC what it does for you.

The batch I most recently embraced wasn’t just toting around high THC, it was also carry-ophyllene some delicious terpenes. The dominant terpenes were a ménage a trois of myrcene, caryophyllene, and humulene. Love Affair has also been known to have high limonene content which would explain where the hints of fruit I was tasting came from. I can attest to the relaxing effects this concoction of cannabinoids and terpenes has but my yawns were not from boredom. I also found myself snacking a little less with Love Affair in the house which I attribute to the humulene content rather than any naps I may have taken. Whether it be Romeo and Juliet, Antony and Cleopatra, or GG#4 and Alien Rock Candy the pair’s meeting makes for a memorable Love Affair. I know when I see it on the shelves I’ll be asking if it’ll be mine.


Joking and Toking:

               How did one stoner ask another stoner out?

                                        Let me be blunt with you. Weed be cute together so let’s blow this joint.