Heartland Holistics Morning Transdermal Patch


Encycloweedia Bricannabis is highly excited, as always, to review a unique new cannabis product, and this week I got my hands on a wonderful new way to medicate. Did I say get my hands on? I meant I got one of them stuck on my hands! I’m talking about one of Heartland Labs new Heartland Holistics Transdermal Patches. I’d never seen anything like this in Missouri dispensaries, or tried medicating in this fashion before. While Heartland Holistics offers four varieties with different concentrations of various cannabinoids, I wanted to TH-see what was up with the morning patch. The other cabbages in the patch (that’s probably a saying) are the high dose, night time, and FECO transdermal patches. Each patch is paper thin and can be placed anywhere on the body, but placing the sticker somewhere that won’t be disturbed and has more veins is best. For pain management, slapping one of these directly on the area experiencing discomfort is also great.

I slapped the morning transdermal patch on one Sunday morning as I was making coffee. I was planning on taking the day easy, and placed the Heartland patch over my heart. While you’re a-skin about it, other good locations for a transdermal patch are on the arm, ribcage, back, or any other flat surface of C-body that won’t be bumped or move around too much. Transdermal medication seeps into the skin and bloodstream slowly, but within an hour of pinning my adhesive accessory, I could tell I’d spend the day in high spirits. Despite having a new dab rig to concentrate on and a bouquet of my favorite flowers, I skipped smoking until just before lunch. I spent the morning floating around the house with a smile on my face. The morning transdermal patch contains 10 Mg CBD and 20 Mg of both CBG and THC. The beautiful blend of cannabinoids left me feeling elated and ready to tackle the day. Each transdermal patch is designed to slowly weedlease its contents over the course of twelve to twenty-four hours, and the small dose I received each hour kept me cheerful and focused throughout my day. I left the patch on when I went to sleep, and could still feel it when I woke just past midnight to sip some water. Waking the next morning I found the patch had finished working its magic, and was easily removed as I showered. Using soap and hot water to rinse myself of any residual adhesive.

As the patch is applied the pressure-activated adhesive adheres and medicine makes its way through the skin and into the bloodstream in a process called membrane diffusion. Heartland’s transdermal patches are what are known as matrix-style patches, meaning the cannabinoids are kept in a semi-solid layer surrounded by adhesive. There were no glitches in the matrix in my experience, and I’ll be re-membrane to try the other patches as well. Not since my days as a scout have I wanted to collect patches so bad! Thanks for sticking around until the end of this weedview, I mean it from the bottom of my Heartland.