Gorilla Pie

Gorilla Pie

Last year I got to smoke a lot of cannabis varieties I’d never tried before. Though I certainly got my hands on some old favorites like Blue Dream and GG#4 there is something about trying a new strain that I quite enjoy. Maybe it’s the sense of excitement and wonder as I ponder how a new strain and I will get along. Whatever the reason, it’s hard to pinpoint so please don’t gorilla me over it. As much as I love Alien Rock Candy I have to give another plant Strain of the Year. Don’t get me wrong I have fun reviewing these strains, but it’s pretty serious work with no room for monkeying around! Without further adieu,  my 2021 Strain of the Year goes to Gorilla Pie, a delicious hybrid strain that melts me with relaxation and always provides a full night’s sleep. A cross between GG#4 and Jelly Pie makes for a dessert you never thought you’d ask for, but one taste of Gorilla Pie and you’ll be wanting to grab another piece! I hoarded some of the flower, concentrate, and pre-rolled joints of this strain like Donkey Kong does bananas anytime I got my hands on it. Each time I’ve seen this strain it’s coming in over 30% THC and provides me with an almost immediate body melt of relaxation. I always save smoking a slice of this pie for the evening so the strain’s soothing effects can be most appreciated.

Gorilla Pie has a very distinctive flavor that I can recognize no matter how I’m smoking it. Expect a fruity citrus aroma with hints of diesel that translates into a more earthy flavor with stronger diesel on the exhale. As a fan of GG#4 I expected a very earthy strain, but was delightfully surprised by how fruitylicious the aroma was. The bright green buds have tiny trichomes covering every inch of them and long amber orangutan hairs curl out from behind. This strain smokes smooth and soothes with an almost instant relaxation that washes over your body. The body melting feeling brought on means the only thing I can do after smoking is relax. While I may not immediately grow-illa tired from this strain it does provide me with an excellent night’s sleep.  The first time I smoked it I passed out on the couch for a few hours before climbing into my King Kong sized bed. I loved the effects of this flower so much I saved it for weeks so I’d have some on my birthday. When it came down to deciding what strain was my Strain of the Year the choice was pretty chimple. This strain is great for a banana bunch of things besides relaxation and pain relief! Gorilla Pie is great for fighting anxiety, uplifting your mood, and staving off nausea. While I haven’t experienced the monkeys, I mean munchies, from this strain it has been known to increase appetite in some smokers.

Gorilla Pie has several different terpenes that can be dominant in each harvest. The first eighth I smoked was highest in limonene, myrcene, and beta-caryophyllene, but other batches have also reported high amounts of pinene, nerolidol, and linalool. It can also be high in CBG, or cannabigerol, which isn’t a very common cannabinoid among fully grown plants. CBG is scarce in adult plants because it is the youngest form of cannabinoid. CBGa is what we call cannabigerol in its acidic form and is what all other cannabinoids are derived from. As a plant develops its CBG is converted into CBD and THC which is why young plants are better to harvest this cannabinoid from. CBG has been shown to help with conditions like IBS, glaucoma, and even fight cancer cells! Certain strains like Super Glue CBG have been bred to have higher CBG content, but will typically have lower CBD and THC content as a result. I’m ready to stock up next time I see Gorilla Pie as I have set some silverback!


Joking and Toking:

What was the name of the first scientist to observe an ape rolling a joint?

Mary Jane Goodall!