Five Rare Cannabis Terpenes

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Cannabis has many therapeutic benefits. Cannabis contains a blend of several different chemical compounds that interact with the human body. Terpenes, one such compound, play a significant role in the flavor and aroma strains of marijuana possess. Terpenes can be found throughout the natural world in plants, and many therapeutic benefits are contained in small amounts of each. The terpenes here are found more plentifully outside of cannabis, but also appear in marijuana in smaller numbers.


 #1 Cymene 

Cymene has been extracted primarily from the oil of thyme and is also present in cumin. The terpene aroma is pleasing and has tinges of citrus. One of the potential benefits of cymene is that it can help manage symptoms of inflammation and can significantly lessen feelings of pain. Cymene can be found in Mango Kush, Lemon Skunk, and Ghost Train Haze, as well as other strains.


 #2 Geranyl Acetate 

The unique terpene is found in oils derived from citronella, lemongrass, and roses. It has a unique floral scent with a fruity undertone, and is used in many products for fragrance or flavor. The potential benefits of this terpene range from antimicrobial properties to eliminating the growth of microorganisms. It exists in cannabis strains such as Amnesia Haze and Harlequin.


 #3 Camphor 

The third on our list of rare terpenes is camphor. It can be found in camphor trees and has the fragrance of rosemary. Camphor is ideal for creams and lotions as it is easily absorbed into the skin. A therapeutic benefit includes the ability to produce a cooling feeling, pain numbing effects, and it can open air passages. Camphor can be found in strains like Bubba Kush, Blue Dream, and Romulan.


 #4 Phytol

Another rare terpene in cannabis is Phytol. It is found in green tea and has a flowery aroma. Phytol is known for its antioxidant properties. Its potential benefits include pain relief, anticonvulsant effects, and lowering inflammation. Phytol could also act as a sedative and help manage sleep disorder symptoms. Phytol is present in strains such as Cheese, Jack Herer, and Sour Diesel.


 #5 Phellandrene 

Phellandrene’s aroma  resembles the smell of eucalyptus, a combination of citrus and peppermint.  Eastern medicine has used phellandrene to treat various infections and disorders for centuries, but little research has been done on this rare terpene. Phellandrene can be found in small amounts in strains like Ace of Spades, Jack Herer, and Trainwreck.