20220429 Weekend Wellness Specials

Weekend Wellness Specials

Friday, April 29 thru Sunday, May 1. See Dispensary for Details. While Supplies Last.

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Best Marijuana Edibles in Springfield Missouri

Zen Cannabis - 20% Off

  • 500mg Milk Chocolate
  • 250mg Milk Chocolate
  • 50mg Indica Berry Shot
  • 50mg Indica Sativa Shot
  • 10mg + CBD NiteNite Shot
  • 250mg Hybrid Mini-Gummies
  • 100mg Tincture (Indica & Sativa)
  • 500mg THC/50mg Tincture CBD (10:1)
Flora Farms Marijuana Cultivator Missouri

1/8 Flora Strains - $40 OTD

  • Alien OG
  • Flo OG
medical marijuana springfield mo

1/4 1913 Strains Mix & Match - $55 OTD

Ozark Location Only

  • Doc's OG
  • Member OG
  • Notorious
  • Thelonious
Proper Cannabis Missouri Marijuana Cultivator

1/2 Proper Strains - $120 OTD

Springfield Location Only

  • Love Affair
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1/8 Illicit Strains - $45 OTD

  • Animal Star Cookies
  • GMO Cookies
  • Gorilla Pie
  • Bruce Banner(Ozark only)
  • Super Petrol (Ozark only)
  • Lucky 7's (Ozark only)
Medical Marijuana in Springfield Missouri

1/8 Mo'Dank Strains - $45 OTD

  • Grape Jilly (Springfield only)
  • Melon Juice (Springfield only)
  • Member Berry (Ozark only)
  • Moon Pie (Ozark only)
Teal Cannabis at Old Route 66 Wellness

1g Teal Sugar - $60 OTD

  • Vanilla Ice Cream
Cannabis in Springfield Missouri MO

1g Vivid Sugar - $45 OTD

  • Gorilla Pie
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500mg Heartland Refined Resin Vape Carts - $50 OTD

  • Sunday Driver
  • Runtz
420 Specials at Old Route 66 Wellness Cannabis Dispensary in Springfield Missouri

5mg THC/5mg CBD Wynk Seltzer - 3/$12 OTD

  • Black Cherry
  • Juicy Mango
  • Lime Seltzer

An every day deal...

Medical Marijuana Springfield Missouri

.5g Bison Vaporizer Cartridges 

Everyday Price - $40 OTD

  • Jack Herer - 84.29% THC
  • Headband - 87.72% THC
Best Marijuana Edibles in Springfield Missouri

2oz THC Infused Drinks 

Everyday Price - $15 OTD

  • Indica Berry - 50mg THC
  • Sativa Berry - 50mg THC
  • NiteNite Grape - 10mg THC, 40mg CBD, 5mg Melatonin

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Blue Dream is one of my personal favorite strains. While I first discovered it during my sophomore year of college in 2010 this strain has been around since the early 2000s. In my hunt to discover the creator of this amazing strain I found that no one has claimed to be the originator of this…

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Evening and weekend hours are limited. Order early to reserve your spot as they go quickly.

Please place orders by 6 pm, the last delivery time slot is 8 pm.


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Delivery Made Easier!

Placing your medical marijuana delivery order just got easier! You can now pay at your door with your debit card. All delivery orders $75 and over are FREE. Place your next order for delivery today.


We currently deliver to the following cities in Missouri:

  • Nixa
  • Ozark
  • Springfield
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Old Route 66 believes in the service that Ayden's Alliance provides so much that we have partnered with them to help you.

As a patient of Old Route 66 Wellness, it is our pleasure to be able to offer you a chance to renew your medical card for FREE through Ayden's Alliance.

About Ayden's Alliance

Ayden’s Alliance is a patient advocacy organization that exists to help Missouri residents afford access to medical cannabis. Whether it is an application, physician, or treatment expenses, our mission is to provide free or low-cost solutions. As an organization that consists of special needs parents, grandparents, and therapists, we know what it’s like to fight for your loved ones so that they may have the best quality of life possible.

Get your FREE MMJ card renewal by clicking the button below or help support Ayden's Alliance by making a donation. Each donation will directly help families afford their children's medical cannabis-related expenses.

Medical decisions should not be made based on advertising. Consult a physician on the benefits and risks of particular medical marijuana products.