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Encycloweedia Bricannabis is excited to share our experience experimenting with the Helium cannabis cultivar from Cookies. Cookies Helium is part of their Collins Ave brand in partnership with Rick Ross to cultivate high quality cannabis. They’ve certainly succeeded with the Helium marijuana strain, a potent sativa leaning hybrid created when Sour Cookies and Cheetah Piss were Rick Rossed. Helium is the perfect name for a strain that made me feel like I was floating all the way to space like a balloon escaping hands too slow to grab it. For a relaxation that usually comes with couch locking indica and a bouncing, creativity fueled energy Helium by Cookies has worked its way into my top ten list to be sure.


Each bright lime bud was coated in a fine dusting of sparkling trichomes and bright orange pistils, the sweet smell of lemons rising from the bag. Lemon continued to be the prominent aroma as the Helium was ground down. The flower’s flavor was sweed, lemony, and smooth on exhale, and it wasn’t long before highdeas started flowing through my brain. There was almost too much inspiration to put everything down as my brain hopped from one idea to the other. While my mind zipped and floated up I could feel heavy relaxation holding me down, especially in my shoulders and chest. Like any balloon I couldn’t be held forever and twenty minutes into my adventure my brain was able to focus more on one idea at a time, the relaxation remaining but instead of being weighed down I was light and floaty. However, time slipped away and moved  by faster than I thought, and after a late night smoke session I accidentally stayed up past midnight zoned into my game. 


The relaxation and creativity created by this chemically coined cannabis was quite the combo, cultivating an experience that was spacey and energetic at the same time. I attribute the amalgamation of terpenes and cannabinoids to this amazing effect. Helium contains higher amounts of limonene, caryophyllene, myrcene, and linalool than other terpenes. Limonene is said to bring energy and creativity, and while caryophyllene might wake you up with its peppery scent it ultimately aids in fighting anxiety and relaxation. Myrcene and linalool’s calming and pain fighting properties combine for a marvelous mixture. I just couldn’t put down Cookies Helium, and it’s certainly a strain you’ll want to THC for yourself!


Joking and Toking:

Why is Helium considered a noble gas?

It’ll always rise to the occasion!