Live Resin Cartridge Clementine at Old Route 66 Wellness


  As much as I love burning a joint or roasting a bowl I can’t always medicate that way. There are times when smelling like cannabis isn’t ideal, or a more convenient or discreet method of medicating is needed. Edibles are one solution to consuming cannabis without smoking something that could cling to your clothes, but they can take a while to kick in. Sometimes I need quicker relief from anxiety, pain, or stress and so edibles aren’t the best choice either. Vaping is a great way to get the cannabinoids and terpenes needed without letting the world know you are smoking cannabis. There are many options when it comes to planning your vape escape and the options can be overwhelming to those unfamiliar with the technology. For this week’s Encycloweedia Bricannabis we will be exploring the differences in the oils you can vape and oil let you know what I think about what I’ve been carting around this week. There’s a lot of information in this post so I’ve tried to orange it in a way that doesn’t sound like I’m speaking Mandarin to you. I think if you concentrate on the juicy bits of this post the knowledge will be much more tang-able than before.

  The first step of becoming a vapor is to evaporate, but the first step of becoming a vaper is buying a vape pen or battery. There are many options but the most universal pens will be 5-10 thread compatible. That just means that the threading on the pen and vape cartridge is 10 threads at 5mm. Some batteries like the PAX take unique pods that only fit a specific pen so always make sure what the cart you’re purchasing is compatible with the pen you have. If you’re unsure if vaping is for you there are also many disposable vaporizers that come already connected to their cartridge. Some batteries are as simple to work as attaching the cart and pulling from it. Others require you to press a button down when taking a hit and have different temperature settings. The fanciest pens even have things like GPS tracking, temperature control, and companion apps for your phone! Talking to your budtender about what pen is the best fit for you can help narrow down your options, and once you’ve decided on the technology you’ll be able to pick what to smoke from it.

  The content of the most potent flower buds can come in well over 30% THC, but vape cartridges can pack a punch at over 90% THC due to being concentrated oil. The cartridge you pick can be filled with distillate, full spectrum, or live resin oil, and each have their merits. Distillate oils are extremely concentrated to bring out the highest number possible of the targeted cannabinoid whether that be THC or CBD. These carts will often have very high percentages of one cannabinoid and low percentages of the others. Full spectrum oils contain cannabinoids and terpenes of comparable levels to their source plant and provide a better Entourage Effect due to this mixture. Live resin oils are made by freezing the plant at harvest and turning the frozen product into oil. This provides the closest experience to smoking the bud and the oil will contain everything the flower did. From my own experience I’ve found that my preference in vape cartridges is live resin, full spectrum, and distillate, in that order. Live resin carts taste like the flower and can carry me for a few hours before I’m ready for another rip, and the same can be said of full spectrum carts though I’ve found the live resin to be a bit more consistent. Distillate carts get me where I need to go, but without the entourage effect I am ready for another puff within the hour. Whatever product you decide on, make sure to ask your budtender about proper care for the technology. While vaping is the most convenient way to smoke it is also prone to technical difficulties and could require some troubleshooting on occasion. Keep your carts upright, at room temperature, and dry. Higher altitudes can also cause leakage, and many cartridges are made of glass so handle with care.

  Orange you glad you know the difference between these oils? There are even more dif-fruit-iations when it comes to production methods, but we won’t boil them down in this post. Call me Mister Tangerine Man because this week I’ve been vaping a live resin Clementine cart from Illicit Gardens, and oh my darlin’ is it grand! Clementine is a sativa hybrid strain with a heavy citrus aroma and flavor. A cross between Tangie and Lemon Skunk makes for an energetic citrus experience. I’ve smoked the flower many times and the citrus bite that lingers on exhale is always present. The same can be said of the cart which boasts over 80% THC content and even 3% CBN. Myrcene, nerolidol, and limonene are the dominant terpenes and Illicit provides information for every strain’s terpene levels on their packaging. The Clementine flavor translates deliciously in this cart and while the bite isn’t as sharp as in flower the strain’s flavor is spot on. Clementine gives me initial feelings of energy and an uplifting mood boost before relaxing me saying, “citrus down and relax a bit.” I can puff on it all day and get my work done, but I’ll definitely find time for a break or two. With its high potency you’ll peel the effects off one sip of your electronic smoke straw immediately, and with repeated draws you’ll rind up feeling happy and relaxed yet motivated enough to take care of cannabis-ness.



Joking and Toking:

                    What does a tangerine priest speak from behind?

                                                                                                      A pulp-it!

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