Citradelic Cookies

Citradelic Cookies

All of the strains we’ve explored so far have been THC-dominant strains, but there are also strains that are  CBD-dominant! THC-dominant strains are typically what people think about when considering cannabis and the strains that are sought out by many smokers tend to have the highest concentrations of THC. Citradelic Cookies is a C-B-Delicious strain from Proper Cannabis that has  a 2:1 ratio of CBD and THC. Ethos Cookies and Citradelic Sunset are the parent strains of this week’s strain. Ethos Genetics paired the two strains to create an evenly balanced hybrid great for those who need pain relief or relaxation but don’t want the “stoned” feeling brought on by higher amounts of THC.

Prepare your proboscis for the pungent citrusy sour smell that is Citradelic Cookies! I love taking multiple sniffs of this slightly sweet, superbly citrus and fruitily sour strain. Citradelic Cookies produces buds with a more sativa like appearance that are an olive shade of green with so many trichomes covering the flower it looks fuzzy, but you can still see the many burnt orange colored pistils beneath the light frosting. The aroma translates into flavor and the exhale is quite tasty with lingering notes of sourness. I don’t know if this Citradelic psychedelic sounding word subtly influenced the sounds I sought out, but I was playing funky music and dancing around the house anytime I smoked this strain. The relaxation and uplifting feeling was great. Prior to this I’d had 2:1 ratio flower only a few times in Seattle and mostly smoked it after work or before bed. CBD paired with an indica is my recipe for all night sleep and I had originally planned on trying Citradelic Cookies in the evening. Once I smelled and saw it though I had to give it a try during the day, at night, and with morning coffee. Over the course of exploring Citradelic Cookies I also paired it with sativa strains and had a very productive weedend, I mean weekend. I felt uplifted, energetic, and really enjoyed the effects of this strain even without a heavy psychoactive effect. Citradelic Cookies is great for treating insomnia, nausea, pain, and stress thanks to its higher CBD percentage and delicious blend of terpenes.

The dominant terpenes in Citradelic Cookies are terpinolene, nerolidol, and myrcene. Terpinolene is the true highlight of this strain in terms of changing the aroma, flavor profile, and overall effects of smoking Citradelic Cookies which makes it one of the few exceptions of CBD-dominant strains that are higher in this terpene. As we canna-versed last week, strains higher in terpinolene are typically THC-dominant, but as we can see here there are always exceptions to the rule. Nerolidol is a fruity but woody smelling terpene that can smell a bit like a rose and citrus all at once. It’s known to be sedative, pain reducing, and shows promise as a cytotoxic, or anti-cancer, terpene due to its ability to disrupt cancer cell membranes. It is naturally produced in plants like cannabis, jasmine and other teas, lavender, and lemongrass as an insect repellant. Nerolidol is also easily absorbed by our skin so strains high in this terpene make exceptional topicals as it can also aid in the absorption of other terpenes, especially citronellol and eugenol. Other strains high in this terpene include some of my favorites like Blue Dream, GG4, GSC, and Skywalker OG.

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