Blue Dream

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is one of my personal favorite strains. While I first discovered it during my sophomore year of college in 2010 this strain has been around since the early 2000s. In my hunt to discover the creator of this amazing strain I found that no one has claimed to be the originator of this spectacular hybrid. Blue Dream is a Sativa leaning hybrid that descends from Blueberry and Haze parent strains and was developed in Northern California. Blue Dream produces a very uplifting experience and you’ll find yourself with a smile on your face throughout the day. Once you’ve tried some you’ll understand its quick rise to fame and how it stands among the most popular Sativa-Dominant strains today.


Blue Dream buds range from bright to darker green in color and are known to have bright yellow to orange pistols with a fantastic frosting of trichomes covering the entire bud. Taking a whiff of Blue Dream and your nose will be greeted with a sweet berry-like smell paired with floral and pine hints. The sweetness transfers into taste while leaving behind a more earthy one on exhale. It smokes smoothly and shouldn’t leave you short of breath after a deep inhalation of this beautiful medication. If you’re worried about smell make sure to have something to mask it, as Blue Dream’s fragrance will follow you a bit after a smoke.


Blue Dream’s dominant terpene is Myrcene, followed by Pinene and Caryophyllene. As the legality of cannabis continues to expand more research into the benefits of cannabis shows that THC and other Cannabinoids are not the only beneficial parts of the plant, but that terpenes play a major role in how the plant interacts with our individual cannabinoid receptors. There are hundreds of known terpenes, and so for now we’ll just talk a little bit about Myrcene, which is most often the dominant terpene of any given strain. I don’t want you saying, “Show us some mercy-ene that’s too much information!”


Myrcene is a sedating terpene that gives off the aroma of citrus and cloves. This terpene is largely responsible for the “chilled out” feeling most strains of marijuana give us. When paired with Pinene and Caryophyllene in Blue Dream it often leads to a very creative entourage effect that melts away your stress. In my college years Blue Dream was a study companion and helped give me a creative spin in my writing. I love to create, whether it be crafting a story or other art, and Blue Dream is a strain I search for anytime I’m working on a big project. Ideas are quick to flow from this beautiful bud. I have some very fond memories of hiking after enjoying some Blue Dream and it’s a great companion for outdoor adventures. While some Sativa-Dominant strains have been known to produce paranoia this is a very low reported effect of Blue Dream and can be avoided by enjoying less of it. The most common downsides people report are dry mouth and eyes, but this can easily be remedied with a beverage and eye drops. Blue Dream truly is a dream you’ll want to pick up before it is ganja!

Joking and Toking:

What happens when you consume a lot of Cannabis?

You get a POT-belly!!

About the Author:

John “Taylor” Smith has lived in the Ozarks most of his life and graduated from Ozark High School and Drury University. He currently is a budtender at Old Route 66 Dispensaries and operates his own D&D game service. He’s been telling terrible jokes since he could speak, writing stories since he could write, and has smoked cannabis about half of his life. When he isn’t working on a project of some kind Taylor likes to hang out with his dog Boba Fettch.