Alien Rock Candy

Alien Rock Candy Cannabis Strain

This week we’re talking about a strain that’s out of this world, my personal favorite indica leaner and #2 on my favorite strain list, Alien Rock Candy! This is a delicious smoke and provides heavy relaxation that makes it easy to sleep but doesn’t require me to immediately take a nap. Normally I save strains with this much chill factor for night, but ARC is lively enough I will smoke it all day long. When I have some I like to save it for days when I’m not busy and can fully appreciate the relaxation it provides, but I don’t slow down too much when I’m smoking this indica leaning hybrid. Smoking enough will definitely leave me feeling spaced out, but when I want to smoke a lot I usually planet. Alien Genetics concocted this confectionary delight by crossing Sour Dubb and Tahoe Alien. The potency of this variety of cannabis can weigh in over 30% and leave you flying like a saucer with both body and mind effects.

I like breaking up these buds by hand, savoring the aroma that escapes as I crack the crystal covered greenery into smaller and smaller bits. Beneath the glistening trichomes the shades vary from bright to a dark forest green with long, burnt orange pistils winding and waving to let you know these extraterrestrial snacks come in peace, and pieces once ground down. The candy I was about to E.T. (sorry, eat) was grown by Proper Cannabis. The St. Louis ARC, if you will. The sour yet sweet and slightly citrus scent is worth smelling a few times before you light it on fire, and the tray passed under my nose a few times before I was ready to smoke it. As the lemony taste fills your mouth on exhale prepare to be beamed up by this little green friend. Thanks to the sour lineage and limonene the initial feeling is uplifting and even slightly energetic. A few minutes later the relaxation comes on heavy, but isn’t accompanied by tiredness. My body is soothed by the high myrcene and nerolidol content. I really enjoy jamming to jazz-funk while smoking this strain. Once the end of the day hits the sleep I get after an abduction by Alien Rock Candy is always restful and deep. The sedative effects of nerolidol work well paired with myrcene, and late enough into the evening will weigh heavier on your eyelids.

I usually save terpene talk for the last part of these posts, but you probably noticed I already brought them up. You’re wanting to say, “Limo-need you to show us some myr-cy after nerd-olidol-ing out on us like that!” But I assure you my puns are much worse than a little discussion about these wonderful compounds. Sorry, I’ve been holding in that joke an entire paragraph. Myrcene shows up in a lot of my favorite strains, and I’ve found that nerolidol does as well! I’ll be on the lookout for other strains high in this pairing of terpenes from now on as I’m sure they’ll rank high on my list, but we’ll have to run more tests on new strains and TH-See how that theory holds up. Depending on how long you’ve been smoking, you probably have a list of favorite strains as well. If you compare the terpene profiles and notice overlap between a few you’ll be able to see which terpenes are producing the effects you love most about those strains, and be able to pick strains you’ll most like love just by looking at a menu. The unique terpene profiles of each cannabis strain provide not only aroma, but noticeable effects that can compound and counterbalance each other. All three of Alien Rock Candy’s dominant terpenes, myrcene, limonene, and nerolidol aid in your body’s absorption of terpenes and cannabinoids in some way. I believe this combination of terpenes to be part of what gives ARC such a quick and long lasting effect as they allow your body to absorb the things we smoke these flowers for in the first place.

Joking and Toking:

What would be the first thing a stoner alien would say if it crashed on earth?

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